Green Intelligent Buildings to Meet Sustainability Agenda

Professor Derek Clements-Croome email web

School of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Reading


Buildings and their occupants generate large energy and water consumptions with consequential pollution including waste. There is a global awareness that CO2 levels need to be drastically reduced. In order to do this, the design and management processes need an integrated approach which emphasize value in terms of the environment, social needs and whole life performance. Changes in society as well as climate patterns offer many challenges. Advances in technology will affect systems, products and processes offering opportunities to succeed in responding to these challenges but always remembering that vernacular architecture demonstrates many effective yet simple methods of environmental control in various climates of the world. (Clements-Croome, 2004)

Times between innovations have become shorter. New thoughts, ideas, technology and progressive business models change society. Barriers to innovation are reducing; global outlooks are commonplace; rapid rates of change demand sharp perception; the need for depth and breath of knowledge stimulates cross-disciplinary collaboration. All these factors affect the way we design, manage and care for buildings.

There is the challenge of making the world a more sustainable place whilst also meeting rising expectations of the processes, products and systems we use. Sustainability challenges our thinking and acceptance of materialism, quality of life, lifestyle and individual responsibility.

* The lecture is related to the paper presented in The International Conference on Asia-European Sustainable Urban Development ,Chongqing, China 4-6 April 2006. Download the full paper (100.18 KiB, 6 downloads) here.


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